Don’t forget tonight’s peaceful protest at Southwell Minster School where the Churches Together Election Hustings is being held. Please meet at 6.15pm at the school entrance.

As a special bonus to mark our first official protest here is the first in a series of interesting facts about the hospital:

Things you didn’t know about Newark Hospital – 1

In one year if only one person per week is treated at Nottingham, Mansfield or Lincoln rather than Newark Hospital and they stay for a week and are visited twice a day their visitors will do enough miles to travel around the world once.

Don’t believe us? Work it out for yourself – 1 person x 2 visits x 7 days in  a week x 52 weeks in a year x 40 mile round trip = 29,120 miles. Moving services to other hospitals might be a money saving exercise for the PCT but it certainly isn’t the environmentally friendly option!!!